Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

autumn3 My ‘hundred acre wood’ is a place called Bever Park. Whether it is actually 100 acres, I haven’t a clue but to me it is a wooded delight.

A few days ago I spent some morning time out here taking notice of my surroundings.

This park is full of trees, groves of them, mature, leafy, and deciduous. Therefore their leaves are beginning to tumble off their branches, floating ever so gently to the ground.

It is Fall. Autumn. And around here Fall means falling leaves, falling acorns, falling buckeyes, falling walnuts! Sometimes, it would be smart to wear a helmet while walking through these ‘hundred acre woods’ !

Accompanying this gentle breeze are handfuls of bursts of color. Splotches of golden yellow, orange, and spots of red are beginning to show.

At this moment, the wood seems alive with the breeze of wind seemingly turning and rotating clumps of leaves like flutters.

And as much as I look upon the wood, I seem to run out of options of imagination, like what’s next to see. And I look again. I ‘see’ the same beautiful, alive picture. And I could stop writing here.

But I am here to take notice in this ‘hundred acre wood’. I realize that there is always more when God is brought into the picture. If I sit here and simply take notice of this panorama, it becomes just a beautiful picture to behold. An idol to remember in my mind’s eye.

But as I begin to take notice of God first and foremost in this picture then the dimensions of this panorama become exponential. A never- ending, ever- changing picture. With more possibilities to behold.

I take notice.

Your Presence is here.

And out there.

You are with me now.

You are in the wooded panorama.



As I look upon the twirling leaves, I know that You are the One behind the movement. We don’t see wind but it is full of mystery. And just as the wind is full of mystery, You are so much more full of mystery. For you have created and continue to create this breeze. You are the Mystery with a capital ‘M’ behind this panoramic picture.

And You are the Mystery that I take notice of in this present moment as I gaze upon this scene.

Deep in this ‘hundred acre wood’.


Comments on: "Taking Notice: ‘Deep in the ‘Hundred Acre Wood’" (1)

  1. I love it! God is in the hundred acre wood…and isn’t it fun to find Him there! See you there!

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