Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

Seeing God Through The Trees

Fresh Vision is the theme this week for contemplation in my daily devotional. I don’t know about you but many times I clamor and cry out that “I need ‘fresh vision’ God! Give it to me now, please?!!!”

And what I really need is to be refreshed ‘from within’ before I seek for it ‘from without and about and around’.

Anne Bradstreet (English-American 1612-1672) penned this quite accurately when she wrote her Contemplations I & II.

As I read through her poem and sat with these writings for a while I realized that she captured the heart of it all.

Contemplations I & II

Some time now past in the autumnal tide,

When Phoebus (another name for the Greek god Helios or sun) wanted but one hour to bed,

The trees all richly clad, yet void of pride,

Were gilded o’er by his rich golden head:

Their leaves and fruits seemed painted, but was true,

Of green, of red, of yellow, mixed hue;

Rapt were my senses at this delectable view.

This verse is full of life and color and beautiful prose that causes us to dial down and imagine the beauty of this scene.

I can see it having lived my whole life in the Midwest where the trees burst into color beginning this time of year. There can be quite an amazing array of patches of color dotting the landscape.

Ahhhh…Scenic. Peaceful. A breath of freshness in our mind’s eye.

And in our gazing, if we stop here, we are merely enjoying the tree’s display of color which in and of itself is arresting to our mind’s eye.

But this curiosity must take us deeper to discover the Maker behind this scene. An iconic view through the trees so to speak that leads us to God.

She goes on to write:

I wist not what to wish. Yet sure, thought I,

If so much excellence abide below,

How excellent is He that dwells on high?

Whose power and beauty by His works we know!

Sure He is goodness, wisdom, glory, light,

That hath this under-world so richly dight.(adorned or dressed)

More heaven than earth was here, no winter and no night.

When we discover the Maker behind the trees, the One who dwells on high, then true refreshment comes as we allow Him access to our soul.

That is fresh vision from within.

So as we watch the trees this time of year, let us sit and ponder the One who has brought this piece of heaven to us for our delight and our refreshment and our gaze.

May we see God through the trees…



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