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Names On Purpose

There’s just something about a name…I was thinking about how beautiful are the names of our grandchildren. When I ponder on their names, each personality comes to light. Although they all carry similar DNA being cousins and siblings and all, each one is a person on their own.
And they own their name.
And wear their names well.
The reasons behind their namings is varied. From family names to just because we love this name, to this name is a good fit with the last name and some or all of the above. Their names have become representative of their persona.
For instance, I can’t imagine calling Anna, Ellie, Jack, Lydia or Gavin anything other than their given name simply because when I think of their names, I envision all of who they are and who they are becoming.
And that’s a grand thing!
Oh my. I am overwhelmed right now with the ponderings that their names bring to mind. All of these grandkids are precious. Thinking about each one of their names evokes deep feelings of passion and love that only a grandma and grandpa would understand. Smile!
Anna Grace, Ellie Elizabeth, Jack Martin, Lydia Addison, Gavin Wesley…
And oh my goodness (!), in just a few days we will be meeting either Abigail Marie or George Alden! Another name to add to the family list of names.
And I am once again smitten with names! Their names!
There certainly is just something about a name!


Comments on: "Names On Purpose" (3)

  1. My wife and I are expecting our second and we absolutely suffer over the choosing of a name! Our first daughter’s name is November – a choice that felt risky at the time, but we are so glad we chose it.

    • Well, going by your history of naming your daughter such a preciously beautiful name, I believe that you will do well in naming your second child!

  2. What’s in a name? Let me count the ways….keep writing, Sandy. I love it!

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