Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

Isn’t it interesting that the first Sunday of the New Year is always the first Sunday of Epiphany?
New beginnings. New lease on life. New moments to experience.
That centuries ago church leaders intentionally lined up this season which means for us – a sudden awareness of God, to journey intentionally with God, to look up and be present, be there, come in and know me better man – to match the first Sunday of our calendar New Year?
Perhaps this is where we have gotten into the practice of New Year’s resolutions, a starting over of some kind, a trying to do it better, again…until we fail at our own humanistic goals…again.
But the difference here is epochal. Beginning fresh, waking up, putting our faces in the sunlight as Isaiah, the Prophet says. (Is.60:1-6). It is about God’s mercy, His redemption, offering us a renewal that is fresh and new every morning.
Discovering God in fresh and new ways.
“We face the sun – (the Son) – in a dark world, for God’s bright glory has risen for you. The whole earth is wrapped in darkness, all people sunk in deep darkness. But God rises on you, his sunrise glory breaks over you…Look up! Look around!” (Is.60: 1-3)
This is the gift God is offering us today, making today a new start to a new year, a new season.
For each day can be an epiphany day!
It is a sudden appearance. An epiphany moment when God’s presence becomes manifest to us this day and again and again.
We face the Son!
I pray that this intentional time spent will spill over into my everyday days. That being present to the One who is always present to us will be my Life On Purpose. Daily.
I look forward to experiencing and exploring our God who is always handing out epiphany moments!
After all, it is never too late for a New Year Epiphany!
How about you?


Comments on: "Never Too Late for a New Year Epiphany" (1)

  1. it’s a new year. a new beginning. a new page. a new start. here we go, kiddo, here we go.

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