Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

God –Revealed Hope

God revealed His redemption plan over and over again for centuries to a waiting people.

A people who wouldn’t always listen.

A people who would come back to Him, time after time with their heads bowed in repentance and a desire to come clean once again.

It is a God-revealed hope that came in the form of a baby.

Almighty, everlasting God as God-Revealed.


Jesus is God-Revealed to us.

God With Us.


And we find in scripture that God reveals His Son again and again.

In the manger.

In the temple.

In the baptism.

In the crowds.

On the cross.

In the Resurrection.

God-Revealed has come.

The waiting is over.

He is here!

From Mary’s song, the Magnificat, to Jesus’ being carried up to heaven in the sight of His disciples, post resurrecton.

God-Revealed came and will come again.

So we wait.

In hope.

A God -revealed hope.

Happy Birthday Jesus!


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