Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

Simon and Jesus

Don’t you just love it when someone says that to you especially when you are in the middle of a hot conversation?

Pardon me. May I interrupt you for a second?

Or when as a mom you finally get a chance to converse with someone other than a kid and your child tugs on you with an “but I need to tell you something right now!” kind of interruption?

Does consternation or impatience rise up in you?

After raising 4 kids, I did get used to their little interruptions to the point where now as a grandma, I love my grandkids’ interruptions. I look forward to their “grandma, I need to tell or show you something right now” kind of interruptions.

But what about those huge life- changing interruptions? How well do we handle them? The ‘pardon me, may I interrupt you for a second’ kind of interruption that erupts your day, your life, your heart forever?

The kind of God interruption that Simon of Cyrene experienced.

The one where he was pressed into service to carry Jesus’ cross to Calvary.

I believe it was a divine interruption into this devout Jew’s life.

Last night, ‘Good Friday’ Friday night, I watched the movie, The Passion of the Christ.

And even though I have watched this movie at least once a year since its release, I never can get past certain scenes in the story.

One of those scenes is when a Roman soldier presses Simon of Cyrene into service by ordering him to leave his children and carry Jesus’ cross.

Simon, a lesser character in this Crucifixion story, must be reckoned with.

Henry Blackaby, preacher and author, said this about Simon.

Simon, who just happened to be passing by, when the Lord of the Universe laid a cross on him…A divine interruption…

Hmmm. The Gospel accounts tell of how the Roman soldiers ordered Simon of Cyrene to pick up the cross and carry it. They yanked him from the crowd, pulling him away from his two little boys.

He was definitely interrupted but ultimately by whom?

It is said of Simon that he was a Jew from the countryside of Cyrene, who just happened to be in Jerusalem with his two boys Alexander and Rufus for the celebration of Passover. A good Jew. One who followed the law. One who knew the importance of remembering God’s deliverance of his own people centuries ago.

Just happened to be in town for the annual celebration of Passover.

Just passing by on the streets when suddenly, a divine interruption set him on a new course.

An interruption that may have caused his heart to faint for a moment but his life to change forever.

In the movie, you can see this transformation take place by watching his face. His demeanor changes as he carries Jesus’ cross. He goes from reluctant servant to passionate follower, realizing that his duty as a Jew is to attend to the one who calls himself King of the Jews.

I believe this transformation was eternal, not just for the momentary interruption.  The “pardon me, may I interrupt you for a second?” type of interruption.

I believe that Simon’s eyes were opened as he recognized God’s Messiah, King of the Jews.

And what about you and I?

Are we willing to be pressed into service, interrupted by the God of the Universe at a moment’s notice?

Much like Simon of Cyrene who just happened to be passing by, when the Lord of the Universe laid a cross on him…?


Pardon me? May I Interrupt you for a second? A lifetime?


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