Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

I recall a conversation with someone who had been regularly attending our worship services. Where can I get a recording of these awesome worship songs? I cry every time we sing them.

While I have had this conversation many times before, this time was different – for me. I was slowly coming out of a season, a long one, where I was struggling to like my church. I was no longer apologetic, hemming and hawing over the fact that yes, we do have great worship here at VCCR and we have some of the most awesome homegrown worship songs around. Hidden in this rather small church (200 or so) in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

So I confidently told this person that typically 3 out of 4 songs done each week are homegrown, written by David, John, Kate or Rodney. This person was awestruck at the beauty and the giftings we had within this place called Vineyard Church Cedar Rapids.

And their passionate response fueled a fire in me that lasted the rest of the day. And spilled into my week.

A fire of yes.

Worshipping with homegrown worship songs is an incredible weekly experience. Our worship here is catalytic. It serves to bring people into the Presence of God which causes change in their lives. Our songwriters are gifted with a heart of worship, with talent to create. We have treasure that so far is rather hidden. But it is still treasure!

A fire of thankfulness.

Appreciating the gifts that God has given us here in this place. Redemptively remembering stories where people came into this place and the Lord physically and/ or emotionally healed them in the midst of worship.

A fire of confidence.

Knowing that we don’t have everything functioning according to what a church should have. Knowing that we are lacking in certain areas of serving our community. We choose to look for and find the good instead of wallow in our losses and lacks. Looking for and finding the good breathes confidence in who we are, not so much what we have or have not yet accomplished.

A fire of satisfaction.

Settling for God’s enough. Realizing that satisfaction is not resignation to our disappointments but a peace that settles in our hearts burning away regrets. A determination in looking and finding God’s enough. His enough is thriving, is alive. His enough is full of treasure and surprise. After all, His enough fed thousands of people with five loaves and two fishes.

And with all of these wonderful things, the ultimate in looking for and  finding the good is fixing our hearts and our lives on the One who embodies all good. For the Lord is Good with a capital “G”.

So what about you? Tell me your story where you paused long enough to look for and find the good.


Comments on: "Looking For and Finding the Good" (3)

  1. A wonderful reminder, Sandy. As we focus our eyes more and more on the ‘good’ in life, the ‘bad’ and ‘less-than’ get starved into their proper perspective. Unfortunately, it’s the squeeky wheel that always gets our attention in life. Time to give more attention to the other 3 wheels that are running just fine, thank you. :0)

  2. I love the quote: “Realizing that satisfaction is not resignation to our disappointments but a peace that settles in our hearts…” As I grow older and as I face the things that are causing me a current struggle, I find I value more and more “a peace that settles in our hearts.” I hope you might consider turning this into a sermon, the four “fires” are awesome.

  3. Barb Landeen said:

    Love this, Sandy. You cut right to the quick for me this morning. I needed this boost! Bless you … from far away. Wish I could worship with you more often.

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