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A Hobby in the Making

Just last week I was asked if I was pursuing any hobbies during my sabbatical. I sputtered a bit with an “oh, I don’t know. Uh. Visiting my grandkids? Spending a day without doing anything on my ‘to do’ list? Writing, thinking, reading…”

As Marty and I have embarked on the “new to us” adventure of bike riding, I had not thought of it as a hobby. Oh, biking will be good for us at our age. We need some regular exercise. Or perhaps this will help our aging joints and growing waistlines…And on and on.

I hadn’t let myself off the hook that I simply wanted to ride a bike for pleasure, for fun.

Until today.

As we took on another wonderful Cedar Rapids trail, which started with a few inclines, ie. hilly for us novice riders, I began to realize that I didn’t need a reason for biking, I just needed to ride for the fun of it. For pleasure. A hobby!

There goes that word again. Hobby. I have a hobby. Hmmm. Hobbies should be fun.

I always wanted to establish a hobby. But with many starts and no finishes usually due to not being able to afford a hobby and/or losing interest after just one try, I would give up.

One time some 20 years ago I started to cross stitch. I say I started, because each time I actually finished a piece, I didn’t have the money to get it framed and stretched.

And then there was the time I tried knitting. I began by making a scarf. It became a looong scarf as I didn’t remember how to finish it off. I think I still have that sucker stored away somewhere.

But this biking thing seems to have life and vibrancy and fun to it that some of the other hobbies didn’t have for me.

I have lived here for 21 years and am just now discovering all the beautiful trails we have at our doorstep. Most of them are paved which is my kind of trail.

These trails are hidden treasures.

Today we came upon a bridge, cattails blowing in the wind, a river, streams, ditch lilies, farm fields fresh with the smell of (no, not manure) soybeans and much more. Our eyes feasted on both rural and residential all on one trail, with a pond or two thrown in the mix.

A hobby in the making. Biking for fun. Need I say more?


Comments on: "A Hobby in the Making" (4)

  1. Very cool. So happy. Now we just need to keep those bikes working!!!

  2. Steve and I did some biking in/around Aurora, especially along the Fox River and the Illinois Prairie Trail, which we really enjoyed. Decided after we moved to Tucson to make it a little more “serious” of a hobby, which meant buying new bikes that could actually handle the hills here. Plus a little more spandex! 🙂 Biking is indeed a great hobby, and one that we’re dreaming of practicing in Europe some day. So glad to hear you and Marty are enjoying a new hobby together! When you’re ready, come to Tucson and bike with us!

  3. Love this, mom. : )

  4. Sounds very fun! Perhaps a wintertime hobby will emerge as well 🙂

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