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The Hats We Wear


I have never liked to wear hats. You see, I think I look ridiculous in them. My head is small so when I put a hat on, my head disappears. Or so I think. I have always said that it is a good thing that I inherited thick hair or I would always look swallowed up by a hat!

But hats.

We must wear them. In a sense the hats we wear define what we do and sometimes shows who we are.

At least in God’s eyes.

He creates hats for us to wear.

To Him, they are always just right,

When He puts them on our heads.

They are His creations custom made for us.

For you.

To wear as long as He determines.

But oh, what a fuss we make over our hats.

We tend to want or desire or worse yet lust over other’s hats.

We would like to trade in our hat for a “better” fit.

The dream hat for us many times is the hat that is on someone else’s head.

Just like the mother of Zebedee’s sons. She wanted her sons to wear the same hat that Jesus was wearing. His warning to her was “ Woman, you do not realize what you are asking for.” (Mt.20: 20-22)

So too with us. When we gaze upon, lust after another’s hat, we do not realize what we are asking for.

But hats.

God does place hats on our heads.

At first glance, that hat may not look like one that we would want to try to wear. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. Hard to get used to the feel of that hat.

Or we may think it looks a bit silly.

Perhaps it’s too small.

After all, if it looks too small in our eyes, we may think that He doesn’t realize that we can wear a much bigger hat than the one He is putting on us. We can handle a much bigger assignment than He thinks!


Perhaps it’s too big.

Yeah but, God, I can’t. I am not ready for such responsibilities. What do you mean…??? (I can plant a church? I can pray for healing? I can lead people to You? I can teach kids all about You and the Kingdom? Yada, yada.)


Or worse yet, we may be disgusted at Him for choosing such a hat. After all, so and so who has many flaws in our eyes, gets to wear the hat that we think we should have.

In truth, if it were left up to us, we would be wearing the wrong hat.

Silly would be the buzz word.

Presumption would be our state.


Since He is in the business of giving us a hat to wear, put it on.

As the saying goes: If the hat fits, then wear it!

And wear it well until He places another hat on your beautiful head!

(A Sandy Story August 8, 2007)

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Comments on: "The Hats We Wear" (4)

  1. So WHAT hat is God putting on Sandy & Marty for this next part of our journey? A dunce cap? Or a wise guy hat? Maybe a party hat? I dunno? Do you?

    • I dunno either. But I guess we should take a look, listen and respond to what He sets upon us…Hope it isn’t a dunce cap…I don’t know about you but I could use a little party hat once in a while.

  2. Maybe it’s a bowler 😉 but most likely a crown.

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