Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

I woke up to a grand chorus today. And no not from my husband although he sings very well.

This chorus was outside. Birds and critters like squirrels were singing very early, like 5:15AM early. But what a sound. As I listened, I could discern a lone blue jay, a few cardinals, a squirrel, mama and papa wren, a wayward owl, and I thought I could hear a frog…a few ribbets here and there.

Wow. It was quite amazing plus amazingly loud! What precipitated this grand awakening in my backyard, I don’t exactly know.  But I decided to take a listen, to wake myself up and enjoy the moment which stretched into many moments.

Singing. Working. Singing some more. As I reveled in the music, I was reminded of a story I wrote a few years ago on a June day as I was sat on my deck listening and watching  birds and critters singing, scurrying around and overall exuding pleasure for the moment.

For Pleasure

The birds, the squirrels, chipmunks and all.

Yes, a few stray cats that come to call.

Invited into our yard.

The lure of good food keeps them coming numbers of times, day upon day.

For pleasure.

For pleasure. Theirs.

Of a full belly before bedding down for the night.

Satisfied. Well fed. Enough.

And then for some it seems – That’s quite enough!

For pleasure. Ours.

Our fascinations are peaked. Each day.

As we observe the silliness of those birds, those squirrels.

The pleasure is ours as we watch the diversity of each breed descend upon our yard for some feed.

Quite a feast for them.

Quite a feast for our eyes

As we now recognize our friends.

From junco to nut hatch, to house finch and gold finch, chickadee, cardinal, hairy woodpecker and red bellied one.

A blue jay or two.

And of course those almost naughty squirrels.

For pleasure.

And so it must be for our Lord Jesus Christ.

For pleasure. His.

He invites us into His yard.

To be silly, squirrelly, joyful, sorrowful, human, colorful.

For pleasure He creates.

For His eyes only.

Such love His pleasure exudes.

Such love as He watches and waits and feeds and heals and…

For pleasure.

His pleasure.

And what about us?

Our pleasure is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever!

(A Sandy Story by Sandy, written June 2007)

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Comments on: "A Grand Chorus Greeted My Morning" (1)

  1. Wow…sounds like a ZOO moved into the neighborhood while I’m gone! GREAT WRITING! I love it!

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