Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

I could call it the mirror from hell – teenage hell that is. Well, that statement seems a bit harsh, on the mirror that is. That particular mirror still exists, at least it did 4 years ago.

In my high school, the most frequently used girl’s bathroom was centered near where most of my classes took place – the music area.

Now, I spent most of my fun time in the music rooms. Music was my thing, a gift. I felt confident most days when I was working in those rooms, singing in those rooms, playing violin in those rooms. It seems like most days I could almost forget how I looked to others when I was immersed in my music.

But that danged mirror. One trip to the bathroom and oh my, any recovery I was experiencing from my confidence would quickly melt away in front of that  mirror, mirror on the wall.

Oh, I would look into that mirror very hard. Nope, nothing has changed. The pimples are still glaring, my face – well can’t change my looks, but I can dream that they might change a bit. At least get rid of the greasy hair bit!

Off to class I would trot, or slink. Depends on the day and how I viewed myself in that mirror.

Well, I would tell myself, I have a good heart! Trouble was, high schoolers don’t think too much about hearts. It’s all about the looks, beauty that is skin deep and it just seemed that that blasted mirror wasn’t going to tell a lie!

Well, fast forward about 37 years or so. I attended my niece Julie’s high school graduation. Same school. I hadn’t been in that school for many years. It had been remodeled, added onto so much that the original school was now pretty much in the center of the building , not visible from the outside.

So I was amazed when I stepped into that same bathroom, amazed that the same danged mirror was there. The same sinks, the same bad lighting, the same floors. That’s right. Everything. Dejavu.

I determinedly took a look around and then went straight to that mirror. And what did I see?

Besides the proverbial wrinkles, no more acne thank goodness, a few gray hairs, and other subtle changes.  I saw a woman, though a bit worn from years, whose heart was in a pretty good place. A woman who was enjoying the moment, the graduation moment with family, a woman who loves Jesus and doesn’t care anymore what people think about that. A heart that is good.

Wow, what a change. Growing up does wonders for what you see in a mirror. As a teen, I saw oh so much more dimly than I do now. God is good. He saw my heart then and still does now. I may not be a beauty, but I am beautiful because of what He has put into me all these years.

Mirror mirror on the wall …

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Comments on: "Mirror, mirror on the wall…" (4)

  1. You’re so beautiful to me! And a beautiful entry as well! love ya! mb

  2. Beautiful words from a Beautiful Woman!!

  3. Carolee Jenkins said:

    Wow Sandy! This really brought memories back. I remember that bathroom well. It brought back other HS memories as well, like the time you and I drove home in a blizzard from play practice, I think it was. I don’t remember for sure which one of us was driving, but we hadn’t been driving long. I just remember the scariness of it.
    Thanks for the root of your message in your blog too. Thank goodness we don’t have to rely on mirrors to show who we really are.

  4. You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Many of us strive to have half as beautiful of heart as you (gave up on the outside!)

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