Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

One day spent in your house, this beautiful place of worship, beats thousands spent on Greek island beaches (Psalm 84:10) …I love Eugene Peterson’s vernacular here for I can literally picture the contrast.

My natural inclination, my dreamy nature is to long for the beach. Especially after a winter of gray and cold and dull. I can spend hours dreaming of ocean waves, sandy beaches, warm sometimes quite toasty warm air. Ahh, so refreshing that longed for beach after a winter of grays.

That will do it. Give me a beach and wave goodbye to my winter blahs.

Now I must tell you that I spent the better part of my first 10 years having access to a beach. A beach within a few minutes reach. I grew up in a town that had 3 natural lakes. Doesn’t everybody? In my little world I just took that for granted. I thought everyone’s town or city had beaches and large areas of water.

So for me and my family it was easy to go to the beach. Just jump in the car, take a short ride and you are there. Day after sunny day we would romp in the sand, jump in the lake, play hard, laugh and splash, wriggle our toes in the sand, build sand castles with our pails and shovels. And just generally have a grand time. Every day. A thousand days perhaps???

But I know better.

Beaches are divinely restorative.  However if I leave out the One who does the restoration, well, I can sit there day after day after day and get a temporary fix. But as soon as I pack it up and head for home, that dull feeling starts all over again.

Whereas one day, one hour spent with the Restorer anywhere, anytime beats 1000 days spent at a beach. Just as the Psalmist so rightly proclaimed.

Yesterday, I had a few moments in which to reflect, to pray, to worship and I found myself not wanting to leave my spot for the more mundane duties. Ahh- He came and for just a little while as I became riveted to His Presence, I felt completely restored.

There was no sandy beach, no lapping waves of water to listen to and get refreshed in, just a chair, a deck, a cup of coffee and a lot of God!

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Comments on: "He Restores My Soul – On The Beach or On My Deck?" (2)

  1. I like the BEST of both worlds. Build a Vineyard church right on the beach at Pompano Beach! Next to the Lighthouse Cove! whadayathink?

  2. I say “Yes Please” to both!! A world without either is unimaginable!! As long as He is there, that’s all that matters to me! You describe beautiful pictures Sandy!

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