Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday


“Use your imagination”. “Run with your imagination”.” He/she has such a wild imagination”. All of us have had our imaginations talked about or we’ve been encouraged from time to time to ‘use our imaginations’.

So what about letting God have access to that part of us that dreams, creates, pauses, thinks about, and muses on various stuff?

Wouldn’t our world be a better place if we would simply let God dominate our imaginations?

God- breathed wittiness would abound.

But what typically dominates our imaginations? What typically stops us from letting our imaginations run wild?

We tend to let fear dominate our imaginations rather than God. Thoughts can get squashed before they are even an embryo of an idea.

Great thinkers we are not nor do we need to be. Just the trust and belief that God is in control of our thoughts and our imaginations is the proper starting point. He has much to share with us. He has much for us to accomplish. He has much for us to contribute to and it is that place that He can take our imaginations, our musings, and make something of them.

Imagine that?

God can take the tiniest trickle of an idea and birth whole enterprises with it. That is if we let Him into that part of our life.

Wittiness under His authority can bring life not only to you but perhaps to many. After all, witty inventions have saved lives, have filled in gaps where there are needs, have caused joy to abound in our life as well others lives, have breathed life into almost- atrophied minds including our own.

We miss out on so much fun when we don’t allow God to dominate our imaginations.

Knowing that God desires to lead you, that He loves to see you prosper, then take the time to let Him design your dreams.

After all, God has more to say to you than anyone else so let Him dominate your imagination.

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Comments on: "Imagination" (1)

  1. Can you IMAGINE that? Using my imagination with Jesus leading the way? That’s very imaginative! Thank you, Sandy!

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