Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

I Don’t Know Why

My friend Pat Bailey recently published a book titled But This I Know A Story of Love and Redemption.

In this book Pat gives us a glimpse of her life journey in which she ends each chapter with “I don’t know why….But this I know…” This phrase drives the point home after each chapter and provides the reader with much to think about.

I am intrigued by that phrase “I don’t know why…But this I know…”How many times in our lives do we live with the statement “I don’t know why…” only to stop there and never survey the possibility that there is an answer in the punch line – “But this I know…”?

It seems we fail to let God talk to us, choosing instead to let the “I don’t know ‘why’s’” build up, like plak and clog the pathways to our hearts. The clutter and chaos of our lives takes precedent over our desire to let God talk to us, to let God in on our ‘I don’t know whys’.

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty adept at stopping at the front end of this statement and many times fail to pursue God in the midst of hard circumstances. To get to know God in the midst will lead us to the punch line –‘But this I know’. Without reaching for that goal, our life’s circumstances both the hard and the joyful times will only generate a fleeting moment or moments of knowing God. It is when we wrestle with Him,  when we go after the ‘But this I know’ that our lives gain depth and meaning.

God lasts. God’s presence is in us, on us, around us, with us. He takes us to a place where our ‘I don’t know whys’…leads us to the ‘But this I know…’

Pat sums this up by saying (p.75 But This I Know):  “I don’t know why God wants to use us. But this I know…it delights His heart when we are faithful.” And that statement alone should cause our hearts to desire to pursue God when life throws us an “I don’t know why…”.

(You can order Pat’s book But This I Know publisher This Joy! Books by contacting Pat at


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  1. Wise words. I know Pat and she lives this too!

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