Finding God in the Middle of My Everyday

I Missed a Moment

I  missed a ‘moment’. A quiet and beautiful moment. It’s gone now and I can only hope that when a moment like that presents itself, I will be able to step out of the urgent and relish what is happening on a much deeper lasting level.

Living well in this present moment is both good for your soul as well as vital to your heart and mind. Just take a moment to look around and take a peek at God. He is truly everywhere and ever- present both in this moment and in the future moments waiting to break in upon your day, your urgent, and your mundane.

I had one of those moments handed to me early one  morning.  So special. Can’t be recreated. It was heaven sent. And I missed it.

Sarah our grand -dog awakened me at 4:40AM, tugging at me and I awoke with a jolt realizing that she was in dire need of going outside to go. I was mad. Short tempered. Sarah, hurry up! Why didn’t you take care of this last night???? You know that slippery slide down to a bad mood.

So out we went into the snow. Knowing that Sarah hates going to the bathroom in the snow, I was hoping that she would somehow forget the snow and concentrate on the urgency of the call of her bladder and GO. But no, she took her sweet time trying to find a spot. Meanwhile I was getting edgier.

But there was a moment….I got a glimpse…It was quiet, snow was gently falling. I could hear the snow touch the ground, a misty sound. Far off, I could hear a muffled sound of an owl. And that was it. No cars, no hustle. Just quiet. Looking back, I realized that God was trying to give me a gift of a moment, but then my attention was driven to Sarah the dog and my urgency to try to get her to go to the bathroom.

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God”. I love Eugene Peterson’s interpretation of this passage in the Message Bible. It says “Step out of the traffic. Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.”

If  only I would have just stepped out of the traffic of my bad mood and taken an assessment of what was going on around me, I would have had a better start to my day.

I am reminded again of a practice that Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote about and employed in his own life. He would regularly ask himself three questions: What is the most important activity? Who is the most important person? What time of life is the most important?

On my good days I ask three similar questions. What is the most important time? Who is the most important person? What is the most important opportunity?

The most important time, of course is the present moment because that is all you have.

The most important person is the one you are with.

The most important opportunity is to love, love God and love people.

So take moments in your day to step out of the traffic and ask these questions. Let the Lord lead you to enjoy this present moment and in doing so, enjoy Him.


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  1. Sandy, I love it! Should you ever decide to write a book, just know that I would be in line to buy one and hopefully get an autograph!

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